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The Benefits of Ongoing Residential Pest Control Services

Fall has arrived and the hot, Maryland summer has ended.  So, we don’t have to worry about bug infestations anymore, right? Unfortunately, that would be a ‘no’. Bug infestations are around all year. They never stop.  In fact, during the fall and winter months, they just hide and reproduce. They build nests and quietly wait until spring to come out and do it all again. ***  Homeowners would be wise to protect themselves and their property year-round by conducting ongoing residential pest control. Here are several reasons why:      It reduces the possibility of larger bug infestations and the myriad of…

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 Bed Bugs and the Damage They Can Do to Your Home

There is nothing cute about bed bugs. In fact, they can be destructive and annoying pests. You definitely don’t want them in your home.  What are bed bugs? These pests hide in beds. They dig into bed frames and mattresses during the day. At night, they feed on pets and people.  They do not have wings, are dark brown in color, have a flat and oval-faced body and are smaller than a ladybug. If they are in your room, you will smell their sweet, musty odor. They mark their territory by leaving red colored spots on your mattress or linen.You…

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