How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

How much does pest control cost?

You might be wondering how much it costs to remove pests from your home or business. The answer is that it all depends, and it’s difficult to give an exact answer as every property is different!

It’s always a good idea to get a professional pest control expert to visit your property and perform a free inspection and estimate. That way, you’ll have a better idea of costs.

In the meantime, this blog post will outline the factors that influence the price of pest control!

Severity of Pest Infestation

Pest control costs will likely depend on the extent of the problem. For example, if you work with the right local experts, you can solve a minor pest issue relatively cheaply — perhaps for a few hundred dollars or even less.

However, a more widespread infestation might require several visits from a pest control specialist, increasing costs. Sometimes, a severe pest infestation could set you back thousands of dollars.

Of course, most pest infestations start as minor problems and then get worse over time. That’s why it’s important to address this issue now. Taking swift action can reduce the amount you pay for pest control and help you create a healthier home or business!

Size of Your Property

The bigger your property, the more expensive pest control will be. That’s because exterminators have more ground to cover to remove these annoying critters, resulting in higher bills.

Let’s say ants have infiltrated a small apartment. A pest control expert could resolve this problem in less than a day and charge a couple of hundred dollars for their services.

A larger home with lots of rooms will incur higher costs. Specialists might spend several days exterminating pests and identifying the root cause of the problem.

Types of Pest and Treatment

No two pests are the same! Specialists use different tools and techniques depending on the type of pest, which can affect the overall amount you pay. For example, it might be cheaper to get rid of ants than it is to remove bed bugs from a home. That’s because the latter multiply so quickly!

Treatment options will also impact costs. Some of the most popular techniques for exterminating pests include:

  • Baits
  • Traps
  • Chemical sprays
  • Fumigation

How to Save Money on Pest Control

Work with a Maryland and Northern Virginia pest control expert who won’t break the bank! Here at Pest Shield, we offer a range of affordable solutions to help you remove unwanted guests from your home or business.

So, why choose us? We have 60 years of combined pest control experience and always provide the highest levels of customer service and workmanship.

Benefits of working with Pest Shield include:

  • We’ve protected military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq from pests
  • We’re certified and licensed by the Maryland and Virginia Departments of Agriculture
  • Customers love our professionalism and attention to detail

To find out how much pest control will cost you, contact us for a FREE inspection and estimate here! Alternatively, call us at 301-829-0060.

Picture of About Troy Yowell

About Troy Yowell

We have more than sixty years of combined pest control service for Maryland and Northern Virginia. We are licensed and certified by the Maryland and Virginia Departments of Agriculture in all Pest, Termite, and Public Health categories.

Rich Collins
Rich Collins
October 5, 2023
We had no idea of the size of the nest that German Yellow Jackets had created in the attic of our garage.  Even Troy was amazed.  We considered waiting a few weeks for cold weather to deal with it.  Troy’s knowledge & experience was evident as he described what could happen in the worst case scenario.  He even said there are times when he advises people to do nothing and let nature run its course. Keeping in mind the disaster that might’ve happened, Troy’s fee was very reasonable. He completed the job in a short period of time.  I would never advise a homeowner to tackle such a problem on his own. We are glad we called him. We are very pleased with the results. Rich & Anna C., Woodbine, MD
Virginia Lipton
Virginia Lipton
September 16, 2023
Pest shield, Troy Yowell and the entire pest shield staff provided exceptional service! We had a yellow jacket nest in the wall. Troy located it and fixed the problem in one efficient session. It was a difficult job but he made it easy for us. He is extremely responsive and helpful about answering my questions by text. If we ever have a pest problem again my first call will be to pest shield.
David Boteler
David Boteler
September 12, 2023
Rob came to our house to take care of a European Hornet nest in our chimney. He explained what he was going to do, and took care of the problem quickly. We will surely use Pest Shield the next time we have a problem.
Kaylin Gonzalez
Kaylin Gonzalez
August 30, 2023
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Troy was very professional, honest & his work was effective! Our home is under contract and we had to ensure our yellowjacket issue was resolved with little to no damage done. After many failed treatments with another company resulting in the bees getting inside our walls, we decided to find an expert. The Google reviews speak for themselves! TROY is the real deal! Super responsive, educated us on all the possibilities of our issue, treatment & possible results. Warranty is great even though so far we have no need to use it thus far. He even called to check on us after his treatment to ensure everything was resolved. Good customer service is hard to come by but Troy provided AMAZING customer service! Don’t waste your time or stress call Troy!
August 25, 2023
My wife and I discovered a yellow jackets nest in our siding had moved inside our bedroom wall. Bees were starting to come into the bedroom through the baseboards and window. We called a few large companies first who tried to sell us on an initial price followed by 7 months of service. We’re glad we called Troy at Pest Shield. He gave us a low quote and even stood by it after noticing we had one of the larger nests he had come across this year. Troy was professional going over everything he was going to do while providing us options. We are no longer hearing bees in the wall and the outside activity has dwindled to a bee here or there. Nothing is choosing to go back where Troy sprayed. We really appreciate being bee free again.
Katie Cindric
Katie Cindric
August 13, 2023
Quick response to my inquiry. Quick scheduling as well! I had yellow jacket nests and a big hornet nest. Troy was professional and prompt. Took care of all 3 areas where I had issues. I think the price was more than fair for the issues. I feel comfortable in my yard again. A week later and I don't see any signs of yellow jackets or hornets around. Great service - all around. Thank you!!!
Carrie Joyce
Carrie Joyce
August 9, 2023
Best service ever! Professional, on-time and took care of our pest issue right away. Highly recommend Troy and Pest Shield!
suzette brabham
suzette brabham
August 7, 2023
I highly recommend Troy and Pest Shield Inc.! Troy was polite, professional, explained things in detail, charged me what he had quoted on the phone, even though the job was more entailed than he originally thought, AND he showed up early!😊 Troy exterminated at least 2 German Yellow Jacket nests in my gas fireplace bump out. He assured me if I happen to see any bees going in and out, I can simply call him, and he will come back out, but Troy and I are pretty confident that the bees are all dead😊 They were about to get through my dry wall and into my home. So, Troy was a lifesaver!
Beverly King
Beverly King
August 2, 2023
Troy of Pest Shield was the only pest contractor willing to provide services to take down a basketball size hornets nest. All other contractors said it was too high being at a 3rd floor townhouse rafter. Troy was on time, profession and very efficient. He was also very respectful and polite. I couldn't believe how reasonable Pest Shields rates were! Awesome job Troy! Thank you!
July 18, 2023
Highly recommend Troy Yowell with Pest Shield, Inc. We found 2 bee nests on our property, Yellow Jackets in Powder Room exhaust fan vent and Bone Faced Hornets on Soffit. Troy was able to treat and remove both.
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