Buying A House Soon? Here’s Why You Need To Get A Termite Inspection!

You have been looking for months to find your dream home. Now, you have finally found it. You are calling the power company, your Wi-Fi provider, your water company, and all the necessary utilities to get your home ready to move into at closing.

Have you called your pest control company? Yes, you need to call them for one crucial reason: your new home needs a termite inspection. 

There are several reasons why you need to do a termite inspection on your new home: 

  1. Your mortgage lender may require a “wood destroying insect inspection”, usually referred to as a termite inspection, when purchasing a home in Maryland. Lenders don’t want to purchase a home that is being damaged by termites. If damage is found during the inspections, but treated and repaired, lenders usually move ahead with approving the loan. Government-backed loans, such as FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and Veterans Affairs, require a termite inspection. These loans require a Wood Destroying Insect inspection. ***
  2. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover insect damage. No homeowner’s insurance policy covers termite damage to your home. Homeowner’s insurance policies cover unexpected or accidental situations, such as damage from hail. Any damage to the home that happens over time such as a rotten beam from a termite infestation, is never covered. The new homeowner should, instead, identify any termite damage in the home and treat it immediately.
  3. Termites are quietly and invisibly active. The worst thing about termites, besides the massive damage they can do, is that they are quiet and invisible. It could be several years before you see the damage to your framing or interior. They are quiet and are rarely seen.  You will see termite damage where there is wood-to-ground contact. From there it will spread to other locations within or around the home. Termites can also damage the integrity of the structure. Termites are active year-round, as colonies sheltering in the foundation or walls of a home are protected from cold temperatures during the fall and winter months. 
  4. Termite damage is costly. U.S. homeowners spend around $5 billion a year for pest control and to repair termite damage. A Maryland homeowner may spend approximately $3,000 to repair the damage that termites have done to their home. A pest control inspector will cost much less than that and will help you rid your home of termites so you can get your home damage repaired and protect yourself from future damage. 

Your new home is an exciting move for you and your family. Be sure to call that pest control professional to make sure your new investment is protected from the massive and expensive damage termites can do. 

Pest Shield, Inc., a professional home termite control company, can eliminate termites from all of the locations inside and outside your home. Call our professional home termite control experts to eliminate termites and other pests. Call (301) 829-0600 or for a consultation. We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland, and Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard counties.

*** For more information on FHA termite control requirements, visit their website.  

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