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 Bed Bugs and the Damage They Can Do to Your Home

There is nothing cute about bed bugs. In fact, they can be destructive and annoying pests. You definitely don’t want them in your home.  What are bed bugs? These pests hide in beds. They dig into bed frames and mattresses during the day. At night, they feed on pets and people.  They do not have wings, are dark brown in color, have a flat and oval-faced body and are smaller than a ladybug. If they are in your room, you will smell their sweet, musty odor. They mark their territory by leaving red colored spots on your mattress or linen.You…

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Bed Bug Removal Need Increases Due to Holiday Travel

Airports are packed with travelers.  Train stations are busting at the rails with riders. Traffic on the highways is bumper-to-bumper.  These travelers are bringing presents, luggage and…bedbugs. Yes, bedbugs.  Unfortunately, these nasty bugs jump inside our luggage, purses, coats, blankets, and pillows as we innocently head to our destination. Once they arrive, the bedbugs jump out of their little nest and infest the place where the traveler is staying.  You may not have seen a bedbug recently. So, let’s refresh your memory: According to WebMD***, bedbugs are:  …are small, oval insects that feed by sucking blood from humans or other…

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