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Buying A House Soon? Here’s Why You Need To Get A Termite Inspection!

You have been looking for months to find your dream home. Now, you have finally found it. You are calling the power company, your Wi-Fi provider, your water company, and all the necessary utilities to get your home ready to move into at closing. Have you called your pest control company? Yes, you need to call them for one crucial reason: your new home needs a termite inspection.  There are several reasons why you need to do a termite inspection on your new home:  Your mortgage lender may require a “wood destroying insect inspection”, usually referred to as a termite…

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Termite Control: How Quickly They Can Decimate Your Home

You’ve seen the cartoons. Termites march to the home and quickly begin eating it up, beam by beam, roof tile by roof tile, then raid the furniture and consume it. In just seconds, the home no longer exists and the termites turn around and leave for the next home to eat.  While the cartoon is an exaggeration, the truth is not that far off. Termites can attack your home and decimate it. It may take several seasons to do it, but these pests can do massive and costly damage to your home. The bad news is that they can do…

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Termite Control: “If You Have a Wooden Structure or Cellulose Materials, They Will Come”

“If you have a wooden structure or cellulose materials, they will come.” That’s a little creative play on a famous movie line, but it is so true when it comes to a massive pest: termites. These immensely destructive pests are active in Maryland, especially in March and April, but do damage all year round. Termites have to be exterminated or they will cause massive, uninsured property damage.    But, first, we need to understand how termites work. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is indigenous to our area. They live in colonies under the soil. They have a queen, soldiers, winged reproductives…

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