Fall Weather in Central Maryland Brings Stink Bugs, Boxelders, and Millipedes

We needed the cool weather after a blazing hot summer in Central Maryland. It’s time for pumpkins, cinnamon, Halloween, Oktoberfest and all the other traditions of fall. 

Unfortunately, it’s also time for the pests to move from outside to your home. Those pests can make the season not so fun and can get into your holiday food and costumes. 

The pests we’re speaking of this time?: Stink bugs, Boxelders and Millipedes. None of these pests will destroy your home or life. But they can be a nuisance. So, let’s take them one at a time:

Stink Bugs     

The Marmorated Stink Bug moves into your home pretty quickly. They are called that name because they emit a musty scent when they are frightened or squashed. They don’t tear up your home. However, if you smell them, you may have them nesting in large numbers in your home, especially if your home is dark colored and has wood or cement siding. Also, if you live near wooded areas, you are more likely to be invaded by them. stink bugs Pest Shield Inc

The best way to reduce your chances of being invaded by stink bugs is to seal all crevices around your windows, doors, and foundation. They don’t bite or sting. They just stink to high heaven. Once they have entered your home, they go for the attic or old clothes and hang out there until spring. 


Boxelders come from Boxelder trees. They are discovered in and around most homes that are near the female Boxelder trees which have winged sea pods and compound leaves. Seed pods turn brown in the fall and should always be removed if they are near the house. 

These pests feed on the Boxelder Trees and swarm on sunny exposures of homes in the fall. They especially like the white surfaces on the south side of buildings and hide in cracks during cold weather. As it gets colder, they move indoors. Boxelder bugs Pest Shield Inc

You can prevent them from invading your property by sealing up cracks with caulk and also tighten screens and doors. Replace any old and falling weather stripping. Use a hard spray of soap and water to knock them down then vacuum them up. 


The good thing about Millipedes: they don’t harm anything. 

The bad thing about Millipedes: they are creepy looking! With all those legs, they look like a 1950’s horror movie monster. 

They are harmless but still can be unwelcome invaders. They are seen in the fall when they search for warm spaces like cracks to hibernate in. They tend to be found in cracks, sinks, and drains as they don’t know any better to hide like other insects. millipede Pest Shield Inc

They can be very difficult to get rid of, however. You may need to call professional pest control or exterminator to do it. They can inspect your home and find the cracks where millipedes live. 

Pest Control

If you have seen any of these pests, you may want to call your local, trusted pest control company. 

You can take preventative measures to stop your home from being invaded by stink bugs, Boxelders, and Millipedes by calling our experienced home pest control technicians to rid your home of these pests. Pest Shield, Inc., will send a consultant to your home. 

Call us at (301) 829-0060. Serving Mt. Airy, MD and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.

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