Pest Control: Here Come Termites and Ants


There is no such thing as “a season off” for termites.

Most people believe that since you can’t see them now, they must not be around. However, Central Maryland*** has a plethora of bugs and pests which don’t die they just burrow away in your home or on your property while the winter months come and go. Then, come out like crazy when spring hits.

No, in fact, termites are the pests that keep on giving. Winter, spring, summer or fall. These destructive bugs never go on vacation. They can and will continue eating your home and tearing up your property.

During the winter, however, termites change their strategy. They go deep. Termites need warmth to live so they will hide deep in certain places in your home. They will forage tunnels and even leave food sources above the surface because the cold weather is too much for them to risk going after it.

Winter does not change the termite queens as they will continue to lay eggs steadily. These eggs will hatch and a whole new group of termites will soon invade your home.

Look for termites in your walls and foundation. As long as they have a food source and a place to hide, they will survive.termites Pest Shield

Though termites are around during the winter months, you may not see swarms of them from December through February. The best way to combat termites is to hire a professional home pest control company to help you exterminate them.


During winter, ants hibernate. Their body temperatures drop and they spend most of their time sealing up ant holes and burrowing into warmer ground or tree bark.

Ants don’t even need food during hibernation. Their fall diet was enough to keep them full for the cold winter months. They stay warm by huddling into groups. They also protect the queen as she sleeps.

carpenter ants Pest Shield Inc

Should ants appear near your doors or windows, the unusually warm weather that we have had in Central Maryland lately may have awakened them. As it gets cold again, ants will return to their huddles and their spots around the queen.

You should take the sight of ants in your home seriously. They have probably formed a colony somewhere inside your home.

If you see termites or ants in your home, call a professional home pest control company. Pest Shield Inc. can eliminate the ants from your walls, basement, kitchen counter, and pantry, or foundation. Our professional home pest control experts can help you get rid of ants, termites, and other pests. Call (301) 829-0600 or for a consultation. We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.

***For more on bugs in Central Maryland, double-click this link.

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