Home Pest Control: Hornets and Yellowjackets

Summer is winding down. It has been incredibly hot and humid in the Central Maryland area. Insects continue slamming many homes. Our exterminators and pest control technicians have been busy! Extremely humid summers like this one can be a bonanza for us exterminators but very difficult for homeowners. 

We have touched on different summer insects that you would need to perform pest control on. Though many insects die off at the end of summer, many others flourish and continue to cause damage even into the late fall.  

Two types of insects can be particularly troublesome: hornets and yellow jackets. You may find them inside your home or nesting in your lawn.yellow jackets Pest Shield Inc.

Our area is home to several different species of yellow jackets. They are characterized by being 3/8” to 5/8” with a black striped abdomen. They typically nest in the ground. German yellowjackets nest in walls of homes and buildings. Aerial Yellow jackets use paper and build nests outside in bushes, shrubs, houses, sheds, and other shrubberies. Yellowjackets eat other insects. Once fall comes, these insects become very aggressive. 

European Hornets also pose a threat to your home and health. These hornets are very large, at 3/4” to 1 3/8” in length. Their abdomens are brown with yellow stripes. These insects normally nest in buildings, barns, and hollow trees. It usually eats other insects, too. You will see them at night as lights attract them. They are aggressive only near their nests. European hornet Pest Shield

However, if their nests are near a structure, you need to be careful. Nests are also large and hornets buzz around at dusk or later at night. They can be treated with an insecticide but those are not always effective. You may want to treat them during the day but wear protective clothing and equipment and a veil. (A bee veil is recommended.) 

If you decide against doing the pest control on your own, you would do well to stay clear of the yellow jacket and hornet nests. Both are large and both can swarm and sting. Please be careful and be aware of your surroundings. 

Instead, call a pest control professional. Pest Shield, Inc., will solve these common nuisance pests utilizing our non-repellant transfer effect treatments mainly from the exterior of your home. Your trained Pest Shield Technicians will also inspect for conducive conditions (moisture, vegetation/trees/bushes touching the home; leaf litter, etc) that can contribute to Odorous House Ant populations.

So, call our experienced pest control technicians to rid your home of these yellow jackets and hornets. Pest Shield, Inc., will send a consultant to your home. Call us at (301) 829-0060. Serving Mt. Airy, MD and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.


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