Home Pest Control: Prepare for Mosquitoes

When you think of winter, you don’t normally think of mosquitoes. 

These pests are usually associated with hot summer days while hanging out at the pool, working in the garden or fishing at the lake. Mosquitoes typically exist in fifty-degree or higher weather. However, don’t let that fool you. 

In fact, mosquitoes are around. You just don’t see them. During winter, mosquitoes, mainly females, go into “diapause” as they shut down their development, and hibernate until March and the males die. Many female mosquitoes are fertilized before going into diapause, so they are able to lay eggs when the warm weather arrives. When the temperature rises, a new swarm of mosquitoes will invade your home. 

We, in the home pest control business, have seen mosquitoes in the dead of winter, especially when temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees, even here in January. So, protect yourself and your family with some home pest control measures: 

  1. Mow your yard: Mosquitoes need tall grass, weeds, and flowers to protect themselves from heavy winds that knock them down and make it difficult to fly. Trim the hedges, cut down any tall grass, weeds or other non-essential flowers and brush to keep them away. 
  2. Remove standing water: After a rain, you may find standing water in any number of locations around your home. Empty the wheelbarrow, buckets, tarps, flower pots, old tires, and planters. Also, sop up water in birdbaths and tractor seats. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you keep the area dry, you will drive mosquitos away.
  3. Pool water: If you own a pool, it is essential to keep it dry and covered. After a heavy rain, check to make sure no water got into the pool. If so, drain it. 
  4. Unclog gutters: Clear your gutters of wet leaves and debris. Stop outdoor leaky pipes or faucets. Add holes to the bottom of wooden or tire swings so water can drain away. 
  5. Close the trash can: Make sure can lids are shut tightly and aren’t flipped upside down.
  6. Get rid of unused containers in your shed and yard: If it has rust on it, it might need to be tossed. Old, broken, rusty or unused containers are great places for mosquito breeding and nesting grounds. Do an inventory and toss ones you no longer need. 
  7. Insect repellent products: Spray yourself and loved ones regularly. There is a large variety of mainstream and organic sprays. Make sure you do not have any allergies and follow application instructions. 

Don’t let winter weather fool you. Mosquitoes are still at work, hibernating for an active spring and summer. You can rid yourself by doing these smart home pest control tactics and perhaps, save yourself from having to call us professional exterminators in!

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