Residential Pest Control Update: Mild Winter = Here Come the Pests

In the Maryland area, we have had a mild and wet winter. A mild winter and early spring may mean more pests in your home.***

But a mild winter leaves more above-ground insects alive, which means more will be active to emerge and reproduce when the weather warms, leading to more insects in spring and summer. More moisture and early plant growth will provide more food for pests.

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So more pests + more food = frustration and anger over pests in our homes.

At Pest Shield, we are experiencing requests for service in the Rockville, Damascus, Mt.Airy, Gaithersburg, Frederick, areas for one of the homeowners’ biggest challenges: Odorous House Ants (OHA), which have become active already. These ants live in huge colonies, travel in well-worn trails marked by pheromones (chemical signals) sometimes reaching hundreds of feet long, and nest anywhere.

There are multiple queens in this colony so store-bought bait and sprays that promise to kill the queen will not be enough to rid your home of this scourge. (In most cases, these may make it worse!)

Outside these ants live on plants that host Aphids. These plant dwelling insects produce waste playfully called “honeydew” which are a major food source for the OHA. This is where the ants get started on their journey. Your kitchen is the finish line in a race to find sweets and proteins from spilled food or stored products in cabinets, on floors, or around sinks. 

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Here are some tips to help you prevent these pests.

  • Sanitation is always a key preventive step. Clean up all spills immediately and seal any cracks or crevices on the exterior to eliminate entry points.
  • Reduce/Remove leaf litter and plant growth from touching your home and attached deck.
  • Correct any moisture sources which can lead to “Satellite” Colonies within your home (including wet or weathered exterior wood frames)

The natural facts about these ants make it very difficult to eliminate them from your home. Fortunately, Pest Shield has the experts to solve this problem. If all else fails, contact the experts at Pest Shield to solve this irritating and frustrating pest challenge, and, in most homes can eradicate these nuisance pests from the exterior, with little to no interior applications. 

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Contact our award-winning team of home pest control professionals for your free inspection today. Pest Shield Inc. can eliminate the ants from your walls, basement, kitchen counter, and pantry, or foundation. Call (301) 829-0600 or for a consultation. We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.

***For more information on the mild winter in Maryland, click here.


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