Pest Removal: What Are Those Scary Sounds You’re Hearing In Your Attic?    

You’ve been hearing it for weeks now. 

Those scratching, clawing, and light pitter-patter sounds coming from your attic. It’s annoying and it keeps you up at night. The dog is even barking at your ceiling. It knows there is something up there. You may have a hunch as to the critters running around up there but you’re not sure. ***

In our many years of pest removal in Bethesda, MD, and the Northern Virginia region, we can tell you that you have an infestation of one or more of the following:

  1. Mice: The scratching and nibbling you hear are from mice in the attic. It’s scary when you think that these pests will eventually make their way down to the living areas, especially the kitchen where they feed on crumbs and other scraps in corners, on countertops, and on tables. Those mice that don’t come down will stay in the attic, keeping you awake and upsetting your pets. Even worse, mice use attics as reproduction havens. An attic is an ideal shelter for a mouse. It’s a warm, safe, dry place for them to live and reproduce baby mice. One pair of mice can have hundreds of mice in a 12-month period. Even if you have covered small gaps, such as vents and pipes, they will burrow out their own routes. Soon, they have gone from the attic to the walls. 
  2. Rats. Rats scurry along the attic floor all day and all night. They gnaw loudly and can do significant damage to property. They love attic insulation. Roof rats climb and nest in attics. Attics are warm homes that keep them from being food for predators such as birds and cats. They chew through wires, tape, ducts, and insulation, then build a nest in the attic. Once there, they eat, sleep and defecate, often. After a short period of time, you will smell the rat waste, It makes its way into your home. Rats also destroy personal property that you are storing in the attic. From photos, to picture frames, to clothing to furniture, rats will gnaw and gnaw until all of it is damaged, some beyond repairing or salvaging. But rats don’t stop there. They can chew on your framing, your windows, and other infrastructure. They can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home, in a short time. 

The most effective way to rid your home of rats and mice is to hire a pest removal company. They will have mice and rat removal technicians who can remove the rodents, safely and quickly, so your family and home will be protected. 

So, tonight, if you hear the pitter-patter, scratching, and gnawing in your attic, call a pest removal service right away. If you don’t it will only get worse. 

If you are interested in an inspection and pest removal for your home all year from rats and mice, call Pest Shield, Inc. We provide solutions with the client and the environment in mind. Call us at (301) 829-0060 for a free inspection.

We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland, and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.

*** For more on the mice and rats found in Maryland, visit the BirdwatchingHQ website.

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