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Pest Control 101: Your Guide to Pests in the Pantry

The kitchen pantry is a hotbed for insects and pests of all kinds.  Pests are attracted to flour, cereal, rice, crackers, and open food containers.  Some pests come from outside while others may have migrated from the grocery store! They invade through boxes, and containers, or by climbing onto fruits, vegetables, or baked goods. Pest control company technicians often see kitchen pantry pests first before they inspect the rest of the home.   Some pests invade your pantry only during certain seasons. Meanwhile, other pests stay around all year. Here is a list of pests that you may see in your…

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Home Pest Control Update: Flying Ants or Termites?

Spring is finally here and with it the warmer and extremely wet mild winter, that means all types of flying and crawling bugs in Maryland! This includes our new clients in Woodbine, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Sykesville, and all of Maryland are calling us now about these flying insects with wings.  They may be winged ant reproductives or winged termite reproductives. But, how do homeowners tell the difference between the two?? First, the easiest way that a homeowner can tell if they have termites or an ant species is fairly simple: Ants (Carpenter, Odorous, Citronella, Pavement, etc.) have a definitive segmented body…

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Pest Control: Here Come Termites and Ants

Termites There is no such thing as “a season off” for termites. Most people believe that since you can’t see them now, they must not be around. However, Central Maryland*** has a plethora of bugs and pests which don’t die they just burrow away in your home or on your property while the winter months come and go. Then, come out like crazy when spring hits. No, in fact, termites are the pests that keep on giving. Winter, spring, summer or fall. These destructive bugs never go on vacation. They can and will continue eating your home and tearing up…

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