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Termite Control: How Quickly They Can Decimate Your Home

You’ve seen the cartoons. Termites march to the home and quickly begin eating it up, beam by beam, roof tile by roof tile, then raid the furniture and consume it. In just seconds, the home no longer exists and the termites turn around and leave for the next home to eat.  While the cartoon is an exaggeration, the truth is not that far off. Termites can attack your home and decimate it. It may take several seasons to do it, but these pests can do massive and costly damage to your home. The bad news is that they can do…

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Home Pest Control Update: Flying Ants or Termites?

Spring is finally here and with it the warmer and extremely wet mild winter, that means all types of flying and crawling bugs in Maryland! This includes our new clients in Woodbine, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Sykesville, and all of Maryland are calling us now about these flying insects with wings.  They may be winged ant reproductives or winged termite reproductives. But, how do homeowners tell the difference between the two?? First, the easiest way that a homeowner can tell if they have termites or an ant species is fairly simple: Ants (Carpenter, Odorous, Citronella, Pavement, etc.) have a definitive segmented body…

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How to Hire an Exterminator for Pests in Residences and Businesses

If you look up “exterminator” in the dictionary ( this is what you find: noun a person or thing that exterminates. a person or business establishment specializing in the elimination of vermin, insects, etc., from a building, apartment,etc., especially by the controlled application of toxic chemicals. “Exterminator” is a common term in the pest control industry. It does explain what we do. We “exterminate” bugs and other pests from homes and businesses. However, when the time comes and you need an exterminator, what do you look for exactly? Anyone can say they exterminate pests. Anyone may claim to be an…

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