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How To Rid Your Home Of Odorous House Ants

We are dead in the middle of summer. Maryland has been incredibly hot and humid.  When it’s this hot and humid, you can count on the ants to ratchet up the infestation of your home. You may have seen a few in your home already. It’s frustrating that they get in, even if you are good about keeping your doors and windows closed.  We have a few ways you can combat one particular ant, the Odorous House Ant. They are also known as “coconut ants” or “stink ants”. These tiny bugs are only 2.0-3.2mm long. They are dark brown or black…

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Home Pest Control Update: Flying Ants or Termites?

Spring is finally here and with it the warmer and extremely wet mild winter, that means all types of flying and crawling bugs in Maryland! This includes our new clients in Woodbine, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Sykesville, and all of Maryland are calling us now about these flying insects with wings.  They may be winged ant reproductives or winged termite reproductives. But, how do homeowners tell the difference between the two?? First, the easiest way that a homeowner can tell if they have termites or an ant species is fairly simple: Ants (Carpenter, Odorous, Citronella, Pavement, etc.) have a definitive segmented body…

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They’re Here: House Ants Invasion

Home Pest Control: Odorous House Ants If you live in Howard, Montgomery, Carroll, or Frederick County, Maryland, and are experiencing an issue with ants, the most likely annoying culprits are known as Odorous House Ants. They are often referred to by homeowners and home pest control professionals as Sugar Ants. These smaller ants (1/16″ to 1/8″ inches) invade Central Maryland by the thousands. They create homes on our countertops, in our sinks and even in our dishwashers. They are found almost everywhere. They derive their infamous name because if you happen to squish one, they emit foul odor resembling a…

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