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Residential Pest Control Update: Mild Winter = Here Come the Pests

In the Maryland area, we have had a mild and wet winter. A mild winter and early spring may mean more pests in your home.*** But a mild winter leaves more above-ground insects alive, which means more will be active to emerge and reproduce when the weather warms, leading to more insects in spring and summer. More moisture and early plant growth will provide more food for pests. So more pests + more food = frustration and anger over pests in our homes. At Pest Shield, we are experiencing requests for service in the Rockville, Damascus, Mt.Airy, Gaithersburg, Frederick, areas…

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They’re Here: House Ants Invasion

Home Pest Control: Odorous House Ants If you live in Howard, Montgomery, Carroll, or Frederick County, Maryland, and are experiencing an issue with ants, the most likely annoying culprits are known as Odorous House Ants. They are often referred to by homeowners and home pest control professionals as Sugar Ants. These smaller ants (1/16″ to 1/8″ inches) invade Central Maryland by the thousands. They create homes on our countertops, in our sinks and even in our dishwashers. They are found almost everywhere. They derive their infamous name because if you happen to squish one, they emit foul odor resembling a…

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