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Home Pest Control: Prepare for Mosquitoes

When you think of winter, you don’t normally think of mosquitoes.  These pests are usually associated with hot summer days while hanging out at the pool, working in the garden or fishing at the lake. Mosquitoes typically exist in fifty-degree or higher weather. However, don’t let that fool you.  In fact, mosquitoes are around. You just don’t see them. During winter, mosquitoes, mainly females, go into “diapause” as they shut down their development, and hibernate until March and the males die. Many female mosquitoes are fertilized before going into diapause, so they are able to lay eggs when the warm…

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Pest Control Update: Mice and Rats are Active in Maryland in November

Fall has gotten quite cold in Central Maryland.  It even feels like winter on some days. If you think it’s cold for us, imagine how it must be for those rats and mice! Their little bodies are shivering and they want to find a place that is warm.  So, where do they go? They go to your home, of course. They have to find somewhere to live for the winter as their grasses where they burrow and live have died off. As the cold weather hits, mice and rats will leave their dead homes and scurry into your live one. …

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They’re Here: House Ants Invasion

Home Pest Control: Odorous House Ants If you live in Howard, Montgomery, Carroll, or Frederick County, Maryland, and are experiencing an issue with ants, the most likely annoying culprits are known as Odorous House Ants. They are often referred to by homeowners and home pest control professionals as Sugar Ants. These smaller ants (1/16″ to 1/8″ inches) invade Central Maryland by the thousands. They create homes on our countertops, in our sinks and even in our dishwashers. They are found almost everywhere. They derive their infamous name because if you happen to squish one, they emit foul odor resembling a…

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