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Pest Removal: What Are Those Scary Sounds You’re Hearing In Your Attic?    

You’ve been hearing it for weeks now.  Those scratching, clawing, and light pitter-patter sounds coming from your attic. It’s annoying and it keeps you up at night. The dog is even barking at your ceiling. It knows there is something up there. You may have a hunch as to the critters running around up there but you’re not sure. *** In our many years of pest removal in Bethesda, MD, and the Northern Virginia region, we can tell you that you have an infestation of one or more of the following: Mice: The scratching and nibbling you hear are from…

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How Many Times A Year Should Pest Removal Be Done At Your Home?

Pests come and go during the year. In the spring and summer, bugs are heaviest. In the fall and winter, the bugs disappear. Maryland is like most east coast states in that regard. You can predict when an infestation is coming or leaving.  So, can homeowners prepare adequately for when pests invade a home? And, if so, how often during the year should pest control be done? Professional pest removal can help remedy an infestation. So, scheduling regular pest control treatments for twelve months is a proactive way to prevent pest invasion and prevent the homeowner from having to do…

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