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How To Prepare Your Home For Pest Removal Services

You’ve seen the problem: Insects are invading your home. You’ve seen their nests in your ceiling, your walls, your basement. They are stressing you out. So, you’ve made the right decision and called the professional pest removal services company.  The pest removal company is going to visit in a few days. Now, what do you do? You are excited that experienced and knowledgeable pest removal technicians are coming to your home. However, you have a lot of questions. How do you prepare the sections of your home to be treated? How can you make sure that you’ve done everything you…

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Five Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Residential Pest Control Company  

Pest control isn’t something we do only during the spring and summer.  a lot like allergies. Just because the pollen is gone doesn’t mean that the bugs are gone. As we have written in past blogs, residential pest control is a year-round affair.  When you call a residential pest control technician, you are calling the experts at regulating, managing, and eradicating pests in your home. Pest control professionals exterminate pests safely and efficiently. At Pest Shield, Inc., we have studied the habits and habitats of bugs and other pests in Western Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area.  As you enjoy…

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The Benefits of Ongoing Residential Pest Control Services

Fall has arrived and the hot, Maryland summer has ended.  So, we don’t have to worry about bug infestations anymore, right? Unfortunately, that would be a ‘no’. Bug infestations are around all year. They never stop.  In fact, during the fall and winter months, they just hide and reproduce. They build nests and quietly wait until spring to come out and do it all again. ***  Homeowners would be wise to protect themselves and their property year-round by conducting ongoing residential pest control. Here are several reasons why:      It reduces the possibility of larger bug infestations and the myriad of…

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