The Benefits of Ongoing Residential Pest Control Services

Fall has arrived and the hot, Maryland summer has ended. 

So, we don’t have to worry about bug infestations anymore, right? Unfortunately, that would be a ‘no’. Bug infestations are around all year. They never stop. 

In fact, during the fall and winter months, they just hide and reproduce. They build nests and quietly wait until spring to come out and do it all again. *** 

Homeowners would be wise to protect themselves and their property year-round by conducting ongoing residential pest control. Here are several reasons why:     

  1. It reduces the possibility of larger bug infestations and the myriad of problems that come from it. While we don’t guarantee that your home will not have a bug infestation, regular pest control during the year makes the chances unlikely.  
  2. A variety of pests visit during the year. Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs infest during the fall and winter. Yellow Jackets infest during the spring and summer. There are also box elders, flat bugs, water bugs, potato aphids, predatory stink bugs, and hundreds of other pests that can invade your home.   
  3. Healthy home. Bugs leave minuscule trails of exoskeleton particles, chemical signals, feces, and other types of biohazardous waste. Humans typically have allergic reactions, which can be minor or serious, or they can become ill from diseases carried by pests. Bugs do their damage to our health quickly and are rarely seen. One bite can send someone to the hospital and the bug that did it is never seen. Their skeletons and feces can also rashes, allergic reactions, and a general feeling of discomfort.  
  4. Protection from weather changes. As we have stated above, seasonal changes bring different bugs and pests. Cold nights and shorter daylight hours bring waves of bugs that are different than summertime. Pest control methods used in June may be ineffective in February. Your pest control company will analyze the possible bug infestations at your Central Maryland home and area, so they know exactly how to prevent infestations during the year. 
  5. Home damage prevention: Year-round pest control maintenance can stop those bugs which can damage the structure of the home. Bugs can eat into framing, walls, floors, and window wells. Every day they are eating into your structure, and your home’s value drops a little more. Before long, you have thousands of dollars of needed home repairs. Yearly pest control maintenance protects your largest investment now and in the future. 

As you can see, the bugs in Central Maryland are relentless and do massive damage to your home and negatively affect your health.  From January to December, they never stop. Protect your family and your investment by doing residential pest control maintenance all year. 

Contact our award-winning team of residential pest control professionals for your free inspection today. Pest Shield Inc. can do pest control maintenance all year long. Call (301) 829-0600 or for a consultation. 

We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland and the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard.

***For more information on bugs in Central Maryland, visit the Insect Identification website

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