What is a Termite Inspection and How Can It Help Your Termite Control Issue?

Hot weather is hitting Southeastern Maryland earlier this year. We are already experiencing 80-degree days. This may be a sweltering hot summer! You may need termite control sooner than expected. 

Termites thrive between 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit. They may not survive if the temperatures fluctuate too much, however, they are pretty skillful in finding cool places to live as we have discussed in previous blogs. So, even if you live in Bethesda, MD, or the surrounding area, your home is not safe from termite infestation. ***

As the weather gets hotter and humidity rises, you may want to consider a termite inspection for the following reasons:  

  1. Early Detection. It’s the key to preventing termite damage. A spring termite inspection may find termite activity, such as damaged wood before it becomes severe. Early detection may save you thousands of dollars in home repair costs. It may even prevent future termite control treatment.
  2. Termite Swarming Season. Termites are swarming now, preparing to mate and create new colonies. Swarming season ends this month (April). This is a good time to look for termites in and around your home. 
  3. Termite prevention. A spring termite inspection gives you information on whether to take preventative measures so your home is protected from present and future termite infestation. Termite control inspections identify areas in the home that are susceptible to termite damage. Cracks and crevices may have to be sealed and wood debris, such as firewood or mulch, removed. Plus, the home needs to be kept dry and well-ventilated. 
  4. Relieved from worry. A spring termite inspection gives homeowners peace of mind. When termite control inspectors detect problems early, you can take preventative measures to protect your home from termite damage. Stress and anxiety are reduced as likely termite infestations are stopped. 

Here are our termite inspection recommendations:

  1. Yearly inspections by trained professionals who know where to inspect as well as the biology of these wood-destroying insects.
  2. Reducing conditions that are conducive to termite infestations. Reduce the following conditions: moisture issues around the home: wood stored near the home foundation in direct contact with the soil; wood piles on the ground next to or on the house; mulch piled up on the house. 
  3. A preventative termite control treatment that protects your home before termites attack.
  4. All inspections are FREE (transfer of Real Estate documents not included)

It’s April and termites are coming. Now is the time to get that termite inspection to prevent them from making it a very uncomfortable and costly summer. Contact a termite inspection company as soon as possible. 

Pest Shield, Inc., a professional home termite control company, can eliminate termites from all locations inside and outside your home. Call our professional home termite control experts to eliminate termites and other pests. Call (301) 829-0600 or info@pestshieldinc.com for a consultation. 

We serve Mt. Airy, MD, Central Maryland, and Montgomery, Carroll, Frederick, and Howard counties.

*** You can learn more about termites at the University of Maryland Extension Service website

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